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Are your Adwords Ads too expensive?

Learn how you can go from bidding ten dollars
per click to bidding ten cents per click with
the FREE Adwords strategy guide.

You'll find how to get higher ad positions and more
clicks while reducing the amount you pay.

Does your Adwords campaign look like this, with minimum bids of five dollars, ten dollars or more?

Have you experienced any of the following problems using Google Adwords?

  • High cost to maintain your Adwords campaign
  • Poor quality score affecting your bids
  • Low Click Through Rate for your ads
  • Minimum bid for your keywords is too high
  • Landing pages that don't convert

The free Adwords Strategy Guide provides a solution to all of these problems.

Do you wish your Adwords campaign would allow you to bid ten cents per click for the exact same keyword?

You can go from bidding ten dollars per click to bidding ten cents per click.

You can achieve similar results for your best keyword with about 30 minutes of work. The process is easy once you know what to do.

The free Adwords Strategy Guide shows you exactly what steps to take to slash your advertising costs.

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Automate your Landing Pages on your website.

Your landing page must be customized and targeted to your keyword. Adwords wants to see the keyword throughout the page in order to qualify the page as relevant to the keyword. Your customers will also be compelled to take action when they see the keyword on the landing page. You simply must have customized landing pages.

How many hours do you spend creating pages by hand?

Learn how automate your landing pages. You'll have two options for generating landing pages.

Option one: generate a physical HTML landing page for every single keyword. You'll see how to combine a sales letter with keyword rich content. This technique gets you good quality scores from Adwords while simultaneously delivering conversions with your sales letter.

Option two: generate highly targeted, keyword rich virtual landing pages for PHP, ASP.NET or JSP. Do you have blog? Your blog is already using this technique. It is standard functionality on all the major blogging engines.

  • Put your landing pages on auto-pilot.
  • Generate landing pages for any keyword, generating highly targeted content for that keyword.
  • Eliminate the hours you spend manually creating landing pages.
  • Use unique destination URLs in your Adwords ads that contain the keywords.
  • Create a website with hundreds of pages with almost no work on your part.
  • You will never create landing pages manually again.
Try it for yourself.
Enter any keyword phrase to see a customized landing page.

These techniques are so powerful they will become the Swiss Army Knife of your website. You will be able to work wonders with them. You simply cannot afford to miss it.

Generate an Adwords Campaign with one keyword per Ad Group in just a few minutes.

The Campaign Creator automates the tedious task of generating an Adwords campaign. It's a powerful tool for rapid campaign generation.

The campaign creator will take your list of keyword and generate an entire Adwords campaign with a single ad group per keyword. You get the benefit of a customized ad targeted for your keyword. What would take hours or days now takes minutes with this tool.

  • Generate an Adwords campaign with one ad group per keyword for as many keywords as you want in minutes.
  • Generate an Adwords campaign with a single ad group and multiple keywords for as many keywords as you want. A new wrinkle in the basic strategy is described and the tool automates this process too.
  • Save time and effort by automating your campaign creation.
  • You'll see how the tools keyword insertion coupled with the strategy is better than Google's own Dynamic Keyword Insertion. The tools tokens are replace before you get to Adwords, so Adwords sees the actual keywords and boosts your quality score.

Try the Campaign Creator tool and see for yourself how valuable it is. You'll be surprised at what it can do for you.

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adwords marketing   adwords marketing
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