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Adwords Marketing

Instantly create an entire campaign of highly revelant and targeted keywords.

Save time and effort by using the Adwords campaign creator.

My name is Dan Shipe and that's me on the right. Like you, I am website owner and internet marketer. The free Adwords Strategy Guide will show you step-by-step how to get your ads displayed for any keyword at the least bid.

The tactic is to have only keyword in an Ad Group, with ad text and a landing page tailored just for that one keyword. The reward is you have a highly targeted and revelant ad and landing page to your keyword. This will cut your Adwords maximum bid in half.

But creating one one Ad Group per keyword by hand is time consuming. How would you like a software product that creates the Adwords Ad groups, ad text and keywords for you, all within a single campaign?

That is exactly what the campaign creator tool will do for you. It will generate your adwords campaign for you. What would take hours or days now takes minutes. You'll have a change to see it action below.

First, you need the Adwords Editor. It's a program from Google that allows you work with your Adwords on your computer instead of over the internet. Here, you'll learn to use the archive features to your advantage. You need this free tool from Google to truely use Adwords.

Google offers plenty of instructions for using their free tool. Here is the getting started information.

Here is your first look at the campaign creator tool. It's web page that allows you to enter campaign data, multiple ad texts, and your keyword list. It allows you to use as many keywords as you want. You may notice that the program use tokens like "[keyword]", which are simliar to dynamic keyword insertion techniques.

Note: If the following screen capture is too small to read, click the image to enlarge.

Now that you've filled in all the necessary information, you are ready to download the archive file. All you do is click the generate button.

You save the archive file to your computer. You'll be importing it into Adwords in a moment.

Next you open the Adwords Editor and begin to import the archive file you just saved

Next you open the Adwords Editor and begin to import the archive file you just saved.

You pick the archive file you just saved, import it, and accept the changes.

Finally, you post your new campign to Google and it shows up in the web based Adwords program.

That's it. You've just created a campaign of multiple Ad Groups each with a single keyword. You now have a highly relevant, targeted campaign. You're ready to collect Adwords traffic at rock bottom prices.

The Advanced Adwords Guide is $19.99.00 and can be purchased using the PayPal link below. This website uses PayPal to accept payment.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

adwords marketing   adwords marketing
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