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Google Sitemap Generation

Google provides an suite of WebMaster Tools that can be used to provide valuable information about your website. It tells you which pages from your website have been indexed. It also tells you what keywords Google sees when it spiders your website. That alone provides value, and will let you know if your website is targeting the market you desire. Plus, there are several other items of note.

But, the entire suite of tools requires what is known as a "Google SiteMap". This is nothing more than a XML file listing out the various pages of your website. You place this XML file on your website and then supply Google with the URL for it. If you are an unfamiliar with XML, creating the file can be daunting. If you are familiar with XML, the task is still tedious. provides this utility to generate a SiteMap for your website. Simply plug in your URL, and the "Maximum Recursion Levels" of pages you want check and generate the XML.

The "Maximum Recursion Levels" refers to how the tool works. It will go out and get the code from your page that appears when the URL is used. It adds that page to the XML. This is the first level. Then it takes all the links on the page and gets the code for them. Each of these is added to the XML. This is level two. For each link on a level two page, the tools gets their code, adds to the XML. This is level three. And so on. You should not need more than ten levels.

Maximum Recursion Levels
adwords marketing   adwords marketing