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Split Testing Chi Squared calculator

Split testing is the most widely used method of test ads. However, determining when a trend becomes statistically significant enough to declare a winner is a difficult calculation.

Here you will find a chi-squared calculator to simplify the process. A confidence level of 95% percent is the accepted signficance to conclude which ad is the winner. If there is less that 95%, no conclusion can be made yet and the test must be allowed to have more time to accumulate impressions and clicks.

Simply fill in the impressions and clicks for both the baseline and test ads in the textboxes below. If the result is 95% or higher, you can stop the test and declare the ad with the higher CTR the winner. If under 95%, you must allow the test to continue running and you may try again when the impressions have increased.

  Impressions Clicks CTR
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adwords marketing   adwords marketing